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When winter is over, spring will restore the radiance of the past. Although the weather is still a bit cold, but are you close to the fashion trend, have you already paid attention to the new round of popular makeup , and can't wait to create the most beautiful spring fashion makeup for yourself?

The makeup artist on the international T stage is undoubtedly the most authoritative publisher of this trend. They say that retro makeup and nude makeup are still mainstream in the spring and summer 2011 makeup trend. What is different from the past is that this spring and summer makeup artist will create a visual impact with bright, contrasting colors. Retro look, sweeping away the darkness before the bright colors .

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Base makeup: transparent nature

Judging from the makeup of this fashion week model, the makeup artist told us about the fresh elements of the nude makeup in spring and summer of 2011 – the luster. Compared with last year's autumn and winter dreams of "fog muscles", the makeup trend of spring and summer of 2011 is more prone to vigorous vitality and healthy atmosphere. Make-up artists skillfully use transparent color and high-gloss color cosmetics. Create a foundation that will give your skin a natural glow.

As for nude makeup, although it is the hottest noun in the field of make-up in the past two years, many people have not really grasped the key points of nude makeup. I don’t know how to make a sense of “no makeup” and makeup. This spring and summer, makeup artists focus on nude makeup on the model's face, transparent nude makeup, full nude lips, and even "bare eyebrows."

● It is recommended to find that the skin color is uneven and looks tired. When you are not awake, you may choose some foundations that help to improve your complexion and promote skin radiance. A thin coating can already achieve the effect of instantly brightening the skin. It looks like it is flying.

Eye makeup: candy color eyeshadow

The bright colors of blue, green and pink are the theme colors of spring and summer 2011. The saturated color is very bold, eye-catching, and an important symbol of vintage makeup.

A touch of bright color on the eyelids, no need to do complex layer rendering, color matching and natural transition, with silky smooth perfect makeup and bright red lips, contrasting strong eye shadow and lip gloss, make the makeup more visual impact .

● It is recommended to choose some makeup series that can create the soft and tender feeling of flowers in the spring garden, which fully exudes a soft spring atmosphere. The texture of the eyeshadow is very docile and has high color rendering, high practicability and easy to match. Different spring image.

Smoky makeup: still popular

This year, smoky eye makeup will continue to dominate the fashion arena, and the power has not decreased. Abandoning the weight of traditional smoky makeup, the makeup artist applies dark colors to the eyelashes and double eyelid folds, and then applies light colors to the eyelids, inner corners and brow bones. When drawing a thicker eyeliner, use a black eyeliner to outline the upper and lower eyeliner, and then use brown tones. This small smoked eye makeup can create a three-dimensional look on the face. With a matte nude lip and a light foundation, it's simple but not simple; with a red lip color and a retro girl's taste, it's no wonder that the smoky makeup is like black, as if it will never exit the trend.

● It is recommended that while keeping abreast of fashion trends, you may wish to choose some eye shadows with softer colors such as pink or pink, and then use brown eyeshadow to smudge the natural over-the-eye makeup to create a true eye contour. Makeup.

  Lip Makeup: Red Fortune

In color, the use of extreme saturated colors and transparent nude colors, it is conceivable that the gorgeous spring and summer will be a season of color collision. Compared with the pursuit of simple and natural nude lips, the makeup artist uses the contrast of bright red lips and light makeup to create a look with oriental style and Gothic retro style. We also found that in addition to the bright red lips makeup is still hot, the more retro wine red seems to be more favored in this fashion week, this is a deep, purple tone full of red, is very impactful but Very easy to control colors. With a simple and simple eyeliner, even without eye makeup, the effect of infinitely magnifying the lip makeup will make your makeup look unexpected.

● It is recommended that although the red lips are the same, but different from last year, the matt effect of the red is no longer popular.

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