How to maximize the essence

In the classification of cosmetics , the essence is generally a product with a high concentration of active ingredients. During use, it can enhance the special purpose of the skin because of a high proportion of active ingredients, so that the skin can achieve a more obvious skin care effect. Asian women generally belong to the yellowish sarcoplasm, but traditional culture respects the fairer skin color, so whitening essence has become an essential maintenance item for major manufacturers and many young women.

More effective according to the physiological cycle adjustment

The week after the menstrual period is best for intensive whitening treatment. At this time, the amount of estrogen secretion will increase greatly. Therefore, the skin condition will be particularly good, and the skin will be particularly strong. Not only will it not be sensitive, but it will also maximize the absorption of whitening ingredients and will be able to achieve the fastest transformation of results. ".

Best at night

Whitening essences usually contain ingredients such as pure Vc, and some substances are light-sensitive. If exposed to sunlight, the effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is recommended to use whitening essence every night. During the day, use moisturizing or oil control essence products as needed.

Whitening Essence + Blemish Essence combination works faster

The spots on the cheeks are the most difficult to eliminate. Therefore, while using the comprehensive whitening essence, it is recommended to match the essence of the local blemishes in order to make the whitening more balanced and comprehensive.

Pressing techniques can absorb faster

Unlike the rich texture of anti-aging products, whitening essences are usually light and thin, so the application of massage is not conducive to the absorption of whitening essence. It is recommended to use the pressing method, use the temperature of the palm, gently rub on the cheek and pause for a while to help the essence absorb.

Whitening essence needs "mix and match" maintenance

Whitening essences usually do not distinguish between skin types, but as the most critical step in supplementing the skin, the essence plays a crucial role. In addition to whitening, different skin types face various other skin problems. For example, in summer, it is easier to get acne, need to control oil, or skin aging needs repair. Therefore, at the same time of whitening, we must mix and match some other products according to the needs of our skin.

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MDF board price , Plain Mdf sheet prices , raw mdf

1. MDF, full name is Medium Density Fiber Board. Raw MDF is also called Plain MDF.

2. We have Raw(plain) MDF, Melmaine faced MDF, Wood veneer faced MDF, UV coated MDF,

    HPL coated MDF, slotted MDF

Type of MDF MDF for furniture,Door Skin MDF,flooring MDF
Surface veneer varity melamine, veneer, plain, etc
Size(mm) 1220*2440(4'*8')or as request
Main material poplar,hardwood
Thickness 2-44mm
Thickness tolerance ±0.5mm
Grade First grade
Moisture 5%-8%
Density 680-850kg/m³
Usage used for painting interior door leaf,furniture,wall decoration etc.
MOQ 20'GP about 22 cubic meters
Sample available for free(not including the fright cost)
Quantity 20'GP,8pallets/ 22m³
40'GP,16pallets/ 48m³
Payment terms L/C at sight,T/T
Capacity 5000-10000 cubic meter/Month

Plain MDF

Plain MDF,Plain MDF Board,Furniture Plain MDF,Melamine Raw Plain MDF Board

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