Create a perfect summer skin, 9 steps to create a stealth nude makeup

Naked makeup is the most stealthy! To create a perfect skin, first look at the individual's skin condition, the skin must first reveal a supple texture, if there is no sense of muscle, it is like a natural skin, it is the most The perfect nude makeup technique.

Step1 modification

Green modified milk can modify the local redness of the skin, purple or blue modified milk can modify the yellowish skin color. The modified pearl of the pearly sensation is applied to the T-shaped part to make the face three-dimensional. It is recommended to use it locally. Do not use too much, otherwise it will be easy to present an unnatural makeup.

Step2 concealer

Large pores: You can use the concealer products of the pores first, so that the pores are less obvious.

Acne spot: You can use the cream-like concealer product to cover the concealer with a brush to make the crotch less obvious.

Dark circles: You can use foundation or concealer, push it evenly with your fingertips, and dilute the darkest part of the dark circles.

step3 bottoming

Choose a transparent, natural, light-touch foundation to use, and finally through the honey powder, not only can evenly color the skin again, but also can increase the natural translucent luster of the skin.

Step4 eye shadow

It is based on elegant and natural color, and it is pushed through different layers of eyeshadow. By changing the eye shape with the change of shade and eye shadow, it is forbidden to use too eye-catching colors to avoid causing heavy makeup.

Step5 eyeliner

Darker eye shadows can be used instead of or to choose a more natural dark brown eyeliner.

Step6 eyebrow pencil

Choose eyebrow pencils that are close to the hair color to modify the eyebrow shape. You can also use the eyebrow chalk. The color selection must be natural.

Step7 eyelashes

A long, mascara with a distinct root effect. Use the eyelash curler to clip the eyelashes out of the arc, and use the Z-shaped brush to strengthen the root of the eyelashes.

Step8 blush

Natural, light or matte color, such as pink orange, pale pink or light rose blush, using a round brush method, gently brushing under the laughing muscles with a blush brush.

Step9 lip gloss

Choose a high-saturation, glossy lipstick or lip gloss, and choose a color that is similar to your own lip color.

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