Acute child & chronic child sweet and playful dating makeup quick method

How to make a beautiful date makeup? First of all, we must follow the characteristics of our face and skin. The goal is to cover up the shortcomings and highlight the advantages. Secondly, according to the time you need, you can decide the complexity and simplicity of the overall makeup. In this way, whether you are a chronic or an acute person can easily make a date makeup!

PART1: Key Steps for Dating Makeup

Key steps for acute child makeup:

An acute child girl may have a time concept than a man, so it won't take too much time on makeup. A beautiful nude makeup is enough to attract the other eye, first use BB cream to correct the skin blemishes, strengthen the concealer in the eye area and easy to dark, zero and no thick powder is fast and beautiful.

Point1 Apply BB cream to your face and push it evenly

Apply the cheeks and then apply the forehead, chin, and T-zone. Pay attention to the strength of the fingertips and absorb excess oil.

Point2 Strengthening concealer in the triangle

Use the special concealer around the eye to cover up the dullness, then gently bounce to achieve the best results.

Secret weapon: color zone snowflake smart dual-use powder cake annoying panda eyes, dull skin, dirty freckles, you still endure these helpless? Perfect, of course, innocent. Snowflake smart dual-use powder cake allows you to have a good color, but also does not reveal the clues of makeup, enjoy the fun of makeup without makeup.

Key steps for chronic makeup:

Chronic people always want their makeup to be impeccable. If there is only one focus, it is the eyes. It takes 10 times of time to be in the eyes!

Point1 gradient blooming eye shadow

Use the eye shadow brush to pull the lashes from the roots of the lashes to the left and right and push them evenly to smudge the color gradient. Pay attention to the eyes but not too much, the end of the eyes should be over the eyes.

Point2 learn to paste false eyelashes

Trim the false eyelashes after applying them to the roots of the eyelashes. While holding the false eyelashes with tweezers, apply glue to the roots, and wait until the glue is slightly dry and transparent. Don't forget to apply eyeliner to make the eyelashes more natural~

Secret weapon: MAC party 6-color eye color plate This season, smoke and say goodbye to black, so that the soft pink purple has slowly bloomed in your eyes. You can make a transitional smudge from the roots of your lashes to the eye sockets with different shades of purple.

PART2: Acute sub-date makeup analysis focuses on the light perception of the cheeks

1. The blush on the circle brush is more delicate, draw the circle from the inside to the outside, pay attention to swipe + multiple times to make the makeup more fit.

2. The high-gloss powder creates a miraculous radiance, just brush it in the triangle, the T-zone and the end of the eye.

3. The creamy texture allows the eyeliner to be better controlled, and you can paint the desired eyeliner as you wish.

4. Choose economical false eyelashes, the effect of natural prices is also very close to the people.

Secret weapon: the savior of the high-light powder collapsed nose in the color zone! There is also a part that needs to be brightened on the bridge of the nose to make the face look more stereoscopic~

PART3: Chronic date dating makeup analysis focuses on creating a three-dimensional sense

1. Select the deeper eye shadow and apply it with your fingertips.

2. Choose eyeliner with super good control, it is not easy to remove makeup.

3. Paste false eyelashes must be patient and delicate, and ordinary eye makeup remover can be easily removed.

4. Emphasize eye makeup, high color and color, make your eyes shine like diamonds.

5. Embellished with lip makeup, reflecting the feeling of shining and fullness.

Secret Weapon: Shu Uemura False Eyelashes Shu Uemura V&R Limited Edition False Eyelash Feathers 2 Limited customization with Viktor & ROLf design is enough to make this false eyelash a hot item. The design of the tail end is like the wings of a bird of paradise.

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