Three practical tips for getting beautiful in the morning

In the state of sleep, sebum, sweat, etc. will continuously discharge toxic substances, staining our skin, so we will feel a little oil on the face in the morning. Therefore, cleaning is particularly important. The skin care method can perfect your face and keep you young. Here are some of the ideal forms of "early morning beauty":

Morning cleansing method for different skin types

â—Ž dry skin. It is best to use a milder, non-foaming facial cleanser. In order to make the skin's "protective screen" fully function, cleansing should not be "overheated". It is not advisable to wash your face twice in the morning, otherwise it will hurt the skin. If you feel dry skin in the morning, you can avoid the cleanser and clean it only with water.

â—Ž oily skin. Because of the more oil, you should choose a facial cleanser with a certain amount of foam. Oily skin is prone to acne, so it is best to use a special facial cleanser that is not irritating to the skin.

â—Ž neutral skin. You can use a small alkaline soap to clean the face. After cleansing, apply a little astringent lotion to tighten the skin, then apply a proper amount of nutrient cream to protect it.

â—Ž Combination skin. The cleaning is mainly based on the T-zone, and the hydrating and moisturizing is mainly on the cheeks. Hybrid skin should pay attention to the mask. Using the mask can better moisturize the skin, remove skin dirt and promote blood circulation.

Morning beauty

â—Ž Clean the face, do not have to use soap. In the morning, if you want to remove the waste materials from the night and let the skin return to its pure state, you can use soap, but be careful to rinse it, and you can't have any residual soap. Otherwise, it will irritate the skin.

â—Ž Take time and apply mask. You can apply the mask to eat breakfast and brush your teeth. In just a few minutes, you can promote metabolism, completely awake your skin and add plenty of nutrients.

â—Ž When washing cleansing lotion, it should be at least 30 times more. Excessive sputum is not good for the skin, but it is helpful for skin care. Because cleansing milk itself has a cleansing ingredient, it has the characteristics of being attached to the skin and blending with dirt. If you use your skin to rub your skin for cleansing, your skin will be overly dry and your skin's resistance will be reduced. Because cleansing milk contains oil and other ingredients, it should be washed at least 30 times.

â—Ž Long-lasting moisturizing products for eye care. The skin around the eyes is the easiest to get older, so choose a long-lasting moisturizing eye care product. You can choose to take it with you and keep your eyes moisturized at any time.

â—Ž Pay attention to remove pores and dirt. The T area is relatively easy to greasy. Some people like to use the oil-absorbing correction solution, but it is too much and has a feeling of sorrow, and the foundation is difficult to paint beautifully. Therefore, it is best to use a deep cleansing product to remove the grease from the pores.

â—Ž Sunscreen and foundation are the best match. Ultraviolet light not only deepens the skin tone, causes pigmentation, but also makes the skin texture messy and loses its elasticity. So it is best not to bask in the sun. Secondly, even if sunscreen is applied, there should be another layer of UV-resistant foundation. Because sunscreen is transparent.

â—ŽMulti-layered anti-UV cosmetics will not enhance the anti-ultraviolet effect. Even if you apply a lot of layers of anti-ultraviolet cosmetics, you can't prevent it from falling off. Therefore, choosing cosmetics not only depends on its UV protection, but also whether its adhesion is strong and easy to fall off. Because adhesion is directly related to how long your makeup will last.

Early morning fluffy hair treatment

â—Ž In the morning, we must first thoroughly comb the hair. If the hair is particularly dry or damaged before combing, apply moisturizing anti-static leave-in conditioner to the hair.

â—Ž For those who are often separated or disobedient, the hair dryer can be used for heating and shaping. When setting, use your index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger to hold your hair and move slightly from hair root to hair. The hair dryer moves at a constant speed with the direction of the finger movement.

â—ŽAfter waking up, the hair is curled up. First, handle the right side of the cocked part. Pick a large-sized reel comb, twist the hair bundle from the hair root to the hair, and use the comb to roll inward. Well, use a hair dryer to heat the shape, and the hair on the left side is treated the same.

"Early Morning Beauty" is an umbrella against the harsh environment to erode the skin. "Night Beauty" is the repair of damaged cells, and "Day Beauty" is the bridge between the two. Just as your eyes dry up, you will think of eye drops. When your skin is thirsty, give them a drink. Moisturizing sprays are often placed around to quench your skin. This will continue to play a role in delaying skin aging.

Listen, the body is talking

Mary is the company's business director, and her face has been very poor recently. She feels that it is caused by a lot of business recently and insufficient rest. I just want to wait for this time and adjust it. In the next few days, the exhausted Mary worked to refresh herself by drinking coffee. Her face was ugly day by day, and she was dragging her tired body to work every day. Finally, the project was completed. She couldn’t hold it anymore. She took a vacation. After a few days of sleep, her face not only did not improve but became more serious. She didn’t want to get up in the morning, and she was languid. What happened to her?

Don't be deceived by the body

People's faces can be divided into five kinds of green, red, yellow, white and black, and they often "discolor". When they are shy, they face red and red. When they are sick, they have green lips and white lips. When they are angry, they are black and black... Chinese medicine says that the best The complexion is "normal color", which is the color of the face when a person is in a normal physiological state. When the human body is filled with blood and the function of the organs is normal, the complexion will be bright and moist. The "normal color" of the Chinese should be faint, red and yellow. The face is also a barometer of a person's health. The face is white, or the face is yellow, and there is no change in the color of the blood color. It is a sick alarm!

The complexion is blue. Main cold syndrome, pain, congestion and convulsions (hand and foot convulsions). When the weather is cold, the blood and blood are not running smoothly, the meridians are blocked, the complexion is blue, and even purple. A variety of pains, while causing convulsions of hands and feet, will also make the complexion turn green. If the body is too cold, there may be a stomach cold, which may cause pain in the abdomen, resulting in pale, pale blue or black. The elderly who are too weak, lack of energy, make the blood run poorly, and the blood stasis, resulting in tingling in the heart, visible grayish gray, blue lips. Children are horrified, usually with cyan around the eyebrows, nose and lips. If women wear cyan, it may be due to strong liver and spleen, less food and more anger or irregular menstruation. The complexion is red with red, which is a disease of Shaoyang. The symptoms are cold when it is cold. The face is blue and red, mostly liver fire; green and dark, mostly smoldering.

The face is flushed. Hearts may have problems, people whose faces are often red like a baby, not a good thing, especially the heart problems, such as people with angina, myocardial infarction, or people with potential factors that cause these diseases, mostly Have a red face. When the body's blood circulation is poor, it will make the body's heat imbalance, which will cause the upper body to heat down the lower body, and the legs will easily accumulate too much water and present symptoms of edema. If the heart is not working properly, it will cause uneven heat distribution in the body and make the face easy to flush.

The face is as white as paper. The main deficiency syndrome, cold syndrome, blood loss, and wind. White is an expression of insufficient blood. The yin deficiency, qi and blood running delay or gas loss and blood loss, so that the meridians contract, resulting in a white complexion. Those who are pale or dark are mostly yang. With cold sweat dripping, it is mostly yang violent. Those who look pale, mostly qi deficiency. White and without Chinese, or yellow and white like chicken skin, mostly blood deficiency or blood. When the body's cold syndrome causes abdominal pain or tremor, it can also be pale.

The complexion is sallow. It is the manifestation of spleen deficiency. If the face suddenly turns yellow, it is likely to be a sign of poor liver and gallbladder function. Patients with acute jaundice hepatitis, gallstones, acute cholecystitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer, etc. often issue the above-mentioned "yellow alarm".

The face is black like charcoal. It is the manifestation of kidney deficiency. You should eat more kidney foods such as walnuts, black sesame seeds and alfalfa.

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