UV machine operation method

UV machine operation method

a Connect the power supply to the power switch properly.

b Close the main switch, the power indicator is on, press the power start button, the machine is in standby mode.

c. Close the motor switch and run the mesh belt. Adjust the speed control knob according to the product requirements to make the mesh belt run at an appropriate speed.

d Start 1 lamp, and then start 2 lamps or 3 lamps after the lamp current drops to a stable state to prevent the power switch from overcurrent.

e When you turn off the UV lamp, press 1 light to stop, 2 lights stop and the fan will run continuously, heat the UV lamp, and turn off the fan when the lamp cools.

f Start the UV lamp immediately after the lamp is turned off. It is a normal phenomenon to turn off the lamp.

g When replacing the UV lamp, open the side shutters, loosen the side cover of the lamp and tighten the power supply screw, and you can replace the lamp.

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