Teach you three strokes to extend the useful life of skin care products

The use of beauty products to develop good hygiene habits helps to extend the life of the product . Generally speaking, frost care products are not taken directly by hand. It is best to use a scraper or cotton swab. Some skin care products or cosmetic products have isolated plastic sheets inside the cap. Do not throw them away. This will protect one more. .
Avoid bacterial invasion: To avoid bacterial invasion, wash your hands before using the product, and cover the cap after use. Sharing cosmetics with others increases the risk of contracting conjunctivitis and influenza, especially if you don't share eye makeup with others.
Regular cleaning: Make-up tools, such as sponge brushes, should be kept clean and cleaned regularly to avoid contamination. In particular, the powder puff, powder sponge, etc. should be kept clean, and do not let sweat stains remain on it. Puff, eyebrow brush, eyebrow pencil cleaning, can be soaked in a neutral lotion for 10 minutes, then placed under the faucet, rinse along the tip of the hair. Then, gently squeeze the bristles, squeeze out the excess water, then put on the towel, dry in the shade.
Ensure the temperature: skin care products should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, not in a humid or high temperature environment. If you put the room below 30 °C, there will be no problem within two years. More importantly, each time you use it, cover it tightly and use it as soon as possible after opening the cover.

The Toothbrush made of bamboo has the characteristics of toughness and wear resistance, softness and smoothness. The bamboo bristles cross section is covered with large and small oval pores, which can absorb and evaporate large amounts of water instantaneously.
The mixture of tea polyphenols in the compound brush contains lactic acid bacteria and other dental caries that can kill in the sew. It has the effect of inhibiting the activity of glucose polymerase, so that the glucose can not be polymerized on the bacteria table so that the bacteria can not be implanted on the teeth and the process of caries formation is interrupted.It is a biodegradable toothbrush that meets the requirements of green, environmental protection and low carbon.

Bamboo Toothbrush

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