Be wary: "Three no" nail polish may cause miscarriage

Three nail polish

1. "Nitrate" in nail polish can enter the body through the skin, respiratory tract and digestive tract, causing disease.

2. When nails are used to reduce the surface enamel of the nails, it will cause the bacteria to infect the human body and form paronychia.

3. Nail clippers are common and cause bacterial cross infection.

Investigation: "Three no" nail polish pungent

Recently, the reporter visited many nail shops in Beijing underground shopping malls. In a nail shop, the reporter said that to do both hands maintenance, the manicurist took out the nail clipper and the dead skin clipper from the tool bucket without disinfection. When giving nail polish to reporters, a strong and pungent smell of formaldehyde is unpleasant, and the manicurist said that their nail polish is wholesale, cheap 1 yuan, expensive 10 yuan, 20 yuan. Wait. The reporter then investigated that most nail polishes have no place of origin, factory name, date of manufacture and shelf life.

Hazard: nails may cause miscarriage during pregnancy

Xue Mao, chief physician of the dermatology department of the Third Hospital of the city, reminded that nail varnishes generally contain "capric acid esters". This colorless and odorless oily liquid can enter the human body through the skin, respiratory tract and digestive tract, and is accumulated in fat tissue, which is difficult to discharge. It can induce various diseases, and in severe cases, it can cause cancer. In particular, some of the inferior nail varnish contains up to about 80% of the carcinogen phthalate. This substance will enter the body through the respiratory system and skin. If it is used too much, it will increase the risk of breast cancer in women. Causes fetal abortion.

Handling: Complaints can be made in the case of “three no” products

According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, there is no manufacturer of nail polish in the city, so the quality of nail polish has not been tested. Subsequently, the reporter learned from the Yuzhong District Industry and Commerce Bureau that so far, the industrial and commercial departments have not conducted a random inspection of nail polish. If the citizens encounter similar "three no" products, they can pass 12315 complaints and reports, they will be based on the public. The complaint was investigated on the product.

Reminder: How to distinguish between good and bad nail polish

Smell the taste: Really good nail polish will not have a heavy formaldehyde smell, and the taste will not be very pungent.

Choosing color: Do not choose heavy metal color, its metal content is higher than normal nail polish.

Test results: Nail polish can be applied to the foam. If it is inferior nail polish, the foam will be corroded.

Look at the shape: Take out the nail polish brush, and the good nail polish is dripping down.

Look at the reaction: high-quality nail polish is easy to apply, dry quickly, can form a uniform coating film, no pores after drying.

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