Shrinking pores has a trick

Whether it is at work or at home, computers seem to be an indispensable tool, but because of this, MM's pores are getting bigger and bigger, and more and more people are hard to think about. Therefore, the maintenance steps for shrinking pores in the summer have become so important and critical. Xiaobian today came to share with MM a "summer" shrinking pores trick .

Shrinking pores has a trick

Shrinking pores has a trick

Point 1: Summer makeup remover is essential

Summer oil secretion is more, easy to mix with sebum, dust, makeup and other blocking pores. It is the first step to thoroughly cleanse your skin by having fine pores in the summer. Using a cleansing product with a cleansing effect for face cleansing ensures that dirt on the surface of the skin is removed without clogging pores.

Point 2: Cuticles remember to remove

Because the summer temperature is high, the amount of human activity increases, which will accelerate the body's metabolism. In this way, the frequency of renewal of the waste material of the human body will increase, and the stratum corneum of the skin will proliferate faster. The accumulation of the stratum corneum makes it easy to enlarge the pores of the skin and may even be inflamed. Leaves skin looking dull and yellow So, in the summer, every 2-3 days, use the mild exfoliating products to push away the old cuticles. There is no dirt accumulation in the pores, and the subsequent action of collecting the pores becomes more effective.

Point 3: Toner is the most effective way to close pores

The lotion can replenish moisture to the skin and has a secondary cleansing effect. Selecting a lotion that has oil control effect can clean the residual grease and dirt in the pores and control the secretion of oil in the T-zone. The lotion can be refrigerated in the refrigerator before use, and the oil control effect is better.

Point 4: Oil control moisturizing lotion works well

In addition to oil control, it is necessary to strengthen the moisturizing work, add enough moisture to the skin, and lock the moisture in the skin, you can deal with the situation of the outer oil. Therefore, choose a lotion that is light in texture and has the dual functions of oil control and moisturizing, which can help the skin maintain a moist and refreshing condition for a long time.

Point 5: The mask shrinks pores more quickly!

Once a week of intensive repair and maintenance, the mask can take on the heavy responsibility! The mask for pores and improve the function of oil is also getting more and more attention!

Point 6: Essence shrink pores are more efficient!

If the pores have become nails in the eye, try a highly effective lotion or essence. Because of the moisturizing and moisturizing effect, the dry skin can make up the moisture and the pores will become inconspicuous.

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