2011 latest nude makeup big eye makeup is more "temptation"

Eye makeup is the key to improving overall makeup. In the latest nude makeup staged in 2011 , big eye makeup is undoubtedly the most "temptation". Do you want deep eyes? Let's learn the following three-dimensional reaming.

Eyeliner of different eye types

Eye-up type: Since your eye has already had a beautiful upward curvature, you can pull the end of the eye out in parallel when you draw the eyeliner, which is even more charming and mysterious.

Eye-tailing type: In order to make the eyes look more agile and more spiritual, don't trace the eyeliner along the eye shape, but need to be at the end of the white eyeball, and start to raise the eye line.

Single eyelid female: You may wish to draw the eyeliner slightly thicker, the end of the eye is raised, let the eyeliner stick to the mucous membrane of the eye, and bring a look between the eyes.

Big-eyed woman: Don't over-emphasize the existence of eyeliner. When drawing eyeliner, try to be close to the root of eyelashes. Eyeliner should not be too thick, emphasizing slim and natural effect.

Detailed explanation of the big eye contour steps

STEP1: First, divide the entire upper eyeliner into 3 equal parts. Starting from the center 1/3, draw a black eyeliner from the outside of the eye and inward, and try to make the width of the line consistent.

STEP2: Next, draw from the actual end of the eye to the center, try to draw along the root of the eyelashes as far as possible, without deliberately beyond the end of the eye, and the central eyeliner is successfully connected.

STEP3: The remaining 1/3 line segment of the eye, starting from the eye, to the top of the black eye, you can use the other fingertips to pull the eye socket slightly, open the eyelids and make the line drawing smoother.

STEP4: When drawing with an eyeliner, you can use eyeliner to draw the eyeliner in the gap between the upper and lower eyelashes. This will not only deepen the eyeliner effect, but also prevent blooming.

Makeup artist's eyeliner beauty advice

Before you draw the eyeliner, you must use the eyelash curler to curl the eyelashes so that the eyeliner lines are easier to draw.

If you only use the eyeliner, you can use a clean cotton swab before the eyeliner is finished, and apply a small section from the end of the eye to the eye to achieve a natural small smoke effect while completely filling the eyeliner gap.

Usually the lower eyeliner can be drawn or not. The eyeliner at the time of day makeup is preferably 1/3 of the outer corner of the eye.

TIPS: Partial eye glue method, making your eyes naturally bigger

For a single eyelid, or a thicker eyelid fat, or a "swelling" type of single eyelid female, it is not natural for a thick double eyelid to look fake. It may be useful to apply eyeliner only to the upper eyelid at the corner of the eye. Apply a little eyelid glue to it. This position is basically above the edge of the black eyeball away from the bridge of the nose. Then use the push rod to draw a line from the inner corner of the eye until the outer corner of the eye. At this time, the eyelids are wrinkled, and the stick stays in the corner of the eye, but do not point in the place where there is glue. The double eyelids thus attached will make the eyes naturally larger.

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