Discussion on dyeing and dyeing of water and kitchen modality in the army of Guangdong

Intestinal pathogens suspected to be Escherichia coli, Shigella, and Salmonella were further identified by phage and serological tests. For the strain identified as Escherichia coli, the pathogenic Escherichia coli was further identified by serology, and the toxigenic Escherichia coli 122 was identified by a gene probe.

The detection of Vibrio in water can detect Vibrio in various water bodies. Among the four kinds of water bodies, such as well water, pool water, canal water and sea water, the water pollution of the pool is the most serious. The types of Vibrio in different water bodies are different. The bacteria in the well water are not detected, and the bacteria of the genus Vibrio, Aeromonas and Pseudomonas can be detected. The water and seawater are only detected. Vibrio bacteria.

Results of detection of Vibrio in different specimens. It is shown that Vibrio can be detected in various kitchen environmental specimens in this study. The total positive rate of Vibrio bacteria in environmental specimens is 16.7%, which is higher than that of toxin-producing Escherichia coli (2.73%) and Shigella (0.78). %), Salmonella (0.78%), Enterobacter cloacae (5.08%), and the like.

The detection of various types of Vibrio in different water bodies is in the category of wells. The data in the wells are positive. The detection of various types of Vibrio in different specimens is in the category of kitchen utensils (n=160) cooked meals (n=14) Fly (n=21) cooker's hand (n=56) Vibrio alginolyticus 1 Hollis Vibrio 11121 River Vibrio 1 Marine Vibrio 1 Aeromonas Genus Aeromonas 2 Guinea pig gas list Phytophthora 1012 Hydrophilic Aeromonas 1 Aeromonas serovar 1 S. aeruginosa 2 Protozoa Shigella sphaeroides 21 total 26 (16.3) 3 (21.4) 4 (19.1) 9 (16.1 Discussion The results of this survey indicate that the bacterial contamination of Vibrio in the environment of the investigated forces is serious. We also detected the contamination of Shigella, Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Enterobacter cloacae, etc., and the detection rate was It is lower than Vibrio. In various environmental specimens, the separation rate of Vibrio virgin is the highest. Due to the hot weather, drinking water is more common in Guangdong troops. Therefore, drinking water may be an important transmission route for Vibrio diarrhea. one.

Among the various water samples, the most polluted in the pool. The pool of the troops is built in the kitchen, without a cover. It is usually replenished 3 times a day (source is machine well water) and washed once a week. The pool water is mainly used for washing vegetables, washing rice, washing kitchen utensils, boiling water, and the cooks also take water from their hands, wash their faces, bathe, wash clothes, etc., so they are most vulnerable to pollution. Some soldiers even take water directly from the pool. Near the well (about 10m) is often a vegetable plot, toilet or pig pen, which is very susceptible to pollution. Only the bacteria of the genus Vibrio are detected in the channel water. It may be because the water in the channel is rich in oil and other pollutants, and to some extent, the survival of the weakly resistant Aeromonas and Pseudomonas is inhibited, but the Vibrio bacteria It is still easy to survive or even multiply in this environment. It is worth noting that Vibrio can also be detected in the cooked food to be eaten, which may be caused by the spread of flies.

Vibrio bacteria have strong viability and extensive pollution in the environment. Our investigation of patients with acute diarrhea in a certain unit in Guangdong showed that Vibrio bacteria is the second largest pathogen causing infectious diarrhea in this army, and its detection rate is only second. Toxigenic E. coli 132. Therefore, to prevent and control the onset and prevalence of infectious diarrhea in the military, it is necessary to increase the emphasis on drinking water and vibrating environment in the kitchen environment. There should be no pollution sources near the water source. The water source should be disinfected regularly. To clean the water tank every day, the cook should pay attention to the cultivation of personal hygiene habits. Before and after the use of the kitchen utensils, the garbage should be cleaned. The garbage disposal should meet the requirements. Fly, aquatic products should be fully cooked before consumption.

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