On the Dynamic Process and System Combination of Commodity Packaging

This article examines the dynamic flow of commodity packaging and attempts to explore the general production process of commodity packaging. First of all, it discusses the multiple functions of commodity packaging and studies the starting point of commodity packaging. Secondly, it discusses the design orientation of commodity packaging and packaging, and studies the psychological causes of commodity packaging. Finally, it discusses the dynamic integration of commodity packaging and researches the production process of commodity packaging.

1, the multiple functions of commodity packaging

Commodity packaging refers to the container that holds the product and protects the product, and the product packaging is also called “packaging product”. Such as "boxes, bottles, bags, boxes" and so on. From the perspective of its relationship with commodities, it is divided into internal packaging (also known as "small packaging", middle packaging, and packaging).

Studying the function of commodity packaging is the starting point for researching commodity packaging, because the ultimate goal of commodity packaging is to maximize its function. Overall, the function of commodity packaging is mainly reflected in three aspects.

1.1 Natural Protection Features

Natural protection function refers to the natural material function of commodity packaging.

Any commodity package objectively defines the “quantity” of the product, but more importantly, it maintains the “quality” of the product. In the entire process from production to consumption, commodities are often subjected to vibrations, squeezing, impacts, wind damage, sun exposure, and rain. During storage, it is also subject to damage caused by temperature, humidity, insects, and rats. Appropriate packaging prevents various possible damages and protects the use of the product. Therefore, product packaging and nature protection functions are the main functions of commodity packaging. The strength of the nature protection function depends on the dynamics of packaging materials and packaging, and the packaging material depends on the material properties and production costs of the product itself.

1.2 Social Identification Function

The social identification function refers to the positioning function of the brand and quality of commodity packaging. The social identification function reflects the quality characteristics and economic value of commodities through the packaging of commodities. It also reflects the different functional information identified by commodity producers, such as ethics, aesthetic interests, psychological needs, and fashion. It provides indications for many of the most basic information about a product.

The information carrier of the social recognition function mainly includes the brand, product name, quality, trademark, composition, and utility. Information related to social identification functions can be divided into two categories.

The first one is mainly related to the product itself, such as the quality, name, composition, and utility of the product.

Second, it is mainly related to the enterprises that produce goods, such as brands and trademarks.

In modern marketing, social identification plays a very important role. The consumer’s memory preserves the conventional impression of various goods. When the quality and function of the product are not easy to judge due to the reasons of packaging isolation, consumers often rely on the packaging of the goods to make a determination.

When a company’s goods leave a good impression in the minds of consumers, consumers will rely on packaging to identify the goods for many times; and brand-name products are often highlighted in similar products with a unique packaging form. Therefore, the social identification function of the package strengthens the brand awareness of the product.

1.3 Product Value Added Features

Successful commodity packaging has value-added features, and value-added features are mainly reflected in the realization of value and the enhancement of value. In terms of realizing value, in modern marketing, many consumers’ desires for purchase are generated or strengthened by the stimulation of commodity packaging. Therefore, successful packaging of goods can speed up the sale of goods, make the goods through the realization of value, and accelerate the operation of funds. The way to add value.

In terms of increasing value, the value-added scope of successful packaging not only involves the packaging itself, but also can be partially transferred to the product itself. The appearance of high-end and elegant packaging can stimulate consumers' psychological desires, allowing them to feel pleasure in their own level while owning the goods, thereby shifting consumers' sense of good packaging to commodities. Therefore, by increasing the artistic taste of the product package, the value level of the product can be increased.

In addition to the above three main functions, there are some minor functions such as “convenience”, which means that the proper packaging facilitates the transportation, carrying, storage, and use of the goods. Another example is the "collection function", that is, some packages are used as a collection of art because of elegant decoration and exquisite printing, such as cigarette boxes and matches.

2, product packaging design and positioning

The design and positioning of commodity packaging is the starting point of packaging design. It is a series of multiple factors that need to be comprehensively considered and fully weighed.

"Designing Positioning" is to focus sales focus on the field of customer awareness and pray for (Chan Shengjiu's "Psychology of Advertising").

Through the development and promotion of products, the company hopes that its products will occupy a certain status in some prospective buyers. This is the so-called positioning concept. The concept of positioning actually reflects the subjective efforts of companies to reduce blindness and increase initiative; reflects the honest attitude of respecting and cherishing consumers; and embodies the values ​​of emphasizing individuality and emphasizing oneself.

The final determination of design positioning is only through horizontal (similar products) and vertical (from the development of the product's intrinsic quality, shape, and packaging appearance and media propaganda), only through the trend of social consumption, purchasing power, aesthetic The appetite and accurate prediction of the characteristics of the consumer groups can make relatively correct and reasonable judgments. The design orientation of commodity packaging mainly includes object positioning, level positioning and strategy positioning.

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