Super perfect overall wardrobe recommended to keep up with the four seasons playback speed

[ China Wardrobe ] In the whole year, the whole season takes turns, I think everyone will pass, so the clothes of spring, summer, autumn and winter are always tumbling, and the wardrobe will definitely not be enough at this time to fight against this abnormal weather. An oversized closet is essential.

Overall wardrobe

So how do we choose a large-capacity wardrobe? First of all, we must look at the styles. The wardrobes can be divided into three categories: sliding door wardrobes, swing door wardrobes and open wardrobes. Large-capacity wardrobes are generally made up of double doors, and are available for sliding, flat or open depending on the size of the space.

Solid wood wardrobe

In fact, it depends on the structure of the wardrobe. The wardrobe consists of three parts: cabinet, door panel (sliding door or door opening) and hardware. The thickness of the general wardrobe cabinet is 18mm; the wooden sliding door panel is about 9mm, if the thickness of the glass sliding door is 5mm, and the swinging door is generally made of 16mm or 18mm material; the hardware is suitable for the wardrobe manufacturer. However, good horses are equipped with good saddles, can provide convenient and comfortable storage, the quality of hardware can not be ignored.

Wardrobe shopping guide

Women's wardrobes are always lacking a new dress, and facing the old things and the unsatisfied desire to buy clothes, this time you need a large-capacity wardrobe, plus the recent weather changes. The large-capacity overall wardrobe can't wait.

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