Whether furniture dealers have excess furniture companies competing for excellent distributors

Merchants are "the beauty of winning people"

- Is the furniture dealer "excess"? This may be a false proposition.

"Excess" is the norm of free economy. It cannot be said that the furniture industry is in a vicious competition.

At present, some people in the industry sing the Chinese furniture industry and think that they have entered the “excess” economy. They believe that the Chinese furniture industry has entered the “Chinese characteristics” and “seeing a profitable industry – swarming – price wars – Price reduction and "quality vicious" cycle. Related remarks also blamed the furniture dealer on the fault: "Because the serious excess of furniture dealers directly led to a serious excess of furniture capacity."

But in fact, from the market economy theory to analyze: any kind of commodity surplus is a waste of funds, resources, labor, as if this is a drawback of the market economy, in-depth analysis, the conclusion is just the opposite. First, the product “excess” fully satisfies the needs of society and provides a rich product for the society. “Excess” makes the choice of end consumers, which is much better than the madness caused by the shortage of products; second, excess The waste caused is the cost of capital chasing profits, and it is the necessary process for capital to be balanced and invested in various industries. Only through repeated cycles of shortage and excess, can we increase the quantity and quality of economic development and promote social and economic life.

Economists pointed out that many years ago, even if there was a quantitative gap in total supply and total demand, it might be a balanced state for the following reasons: First, total supply and aggregate demand are two different. Economic phenomena, there are only conditions for mutual adaptation, and there are no conditions that are necessarily equal. Therefore, from the perspective of measurement, there will always be a big or small difference between the total supply and demand. The ideal state of absolute equality of supply and demand is non-existent. Second, the operational mechanism of the national economy itself, within certain limits, can withstand the quantitative gap between total supply and demand through its own adjustment. Economic imbalances occur only when such differences exceed the range or critical point that the national economy can bear.

Channel investment has evolved into an excellent dealer battle

A marketing director of a Sichuan furniture company and a representative of Henan Province had a clever metaphor: “Investment is the beauty of people.” If many years ago, when manufacturers went to local cities, the first thing to do was to open up new dealers. Different, it is to observe, find and lobby a group of excellent dealers that have been settled in the development of China's furniture industry for 10 years and transfer them to their own accounts, and these dealers also happen to be the original enterprises to die, so this It has formed a battle for manufacturers to compete for excellent dealers and the accompanying market positions.

Correspondingly, the relationship between Sichuan furniture enterprises and dealers has also experienced the process of bulk cargo cooperation, loyal cooperation and double-selection cooperation. Emphasizing the loyal cooperation between manufacturers and merchants has always been the ideal state of Sichuan enterprises, but now no one is willing to be bound by this "ideal": perhaps in the past, investment is like marriage, hope that cooperation can last for a long time, even if you are sick and injured It’s weak... Now the “surrounding city” is open. The extensive increase in the number of dealers is no longer the most sought-after goal of the manufacturers. This is the process of changing the volume of channels to qualitative change.

Since the beginning of 2013, after four months, Sichuan furniture companies have convened dealers to go home. Through the new annual release of the business annual meeting, we have been invited to participate in the dealers' meeting of Sichuan enterprises. I deeply felt this change.

We see that manufacturers have their own advantages in the exhibition, especially favoring excellent distributors, and dealers from all over the world are only interested in competitive manufacturers... At this moment, in the lively scene, the two sides actually Very calm, I feel that the "dual selection" mode has begun to stand out. "After all, this is not the time when the impulses of the previous decade can be earned by physical strength. Now it depends on wisdom and on organization." Some dealers said this.

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