PVC sports flooring installation acceptance standard specification and waxing process

PVC sports floor acceptance standard specification:

Pvc sports flooring acceptance standard specification - master control project

1. The types, specifications, colors, and grades of plastic plates and coils used in the surface layer of pvc sports flooring must meet the design requirements and the current national standards.

Inspection method: We can observe the inspection and inspection of the material's certification documents and test reports.

2, the surface layer and the next layer of adhesive to be firmly bonded, can not have Alice, degumming, plastic spills and Other occurrences.

Inspection methods: visual inspection and hammering with a hammer and inspection using a steel ruler.

Note: The area of ​​the local degumming of the coils should not exceed 20cm, and the spacing between them must not be less than 50cm; the local degumming position of the corners of a single plate and the natural space (standard room) should not exceed 5% of the total can be disregarded.


Indoor pvc sports flooring construction acceptance standards - general project

Pvc sports floor to keep its surface clean, clear ground pattern, the same color, plate joints tight and beautiful, but also require joint pattern of the location, the pattern is consistent with each other, no glue marks; and the wall junction requirements are tight, yin and yang Close to square.

Test method: visual inspection.

The welding and welding seams between the plates must be kept flat and smooth, and the defects such as non-coking discoloration, spotting, welding, and flaking should be required. The allowable deviation of the irregularities can be ±0.6 mm, and the tensile strength at the weld position is not It can be less than 75% of the strength of the plastic board.

Inspection method: Perform visual inspection and check its test report.

The materials used for trimming require accurate dimensions, neat corners, straight seams, and tight seams.

Inspection method: Use steel rule and visual inspection.

PVC sports floor waxing process:

Professional floor waxing steps:

1、Practice site cleaning from the inside out pvc sports floor

2, first use the multi-purpose cleaner, diluted professional cleaner to inject into the machine for cleaning

3, cleaning from light pollution to heavy pollution or local key cleaning, after a comprehensive cleaning

4, suction machine suction sewage in the pvc sports floor after washing fully suck clean

5, washing with a multi-purpose washing machine washing with water once, the operation walks backwards so that each operation line is partially overlapped.

6, while cleaning the pvc sports floor, using a suction machine to clean the floor has been washed

7, let the floor completely dry 10 to 20 minutes, the technician depends on the situation of the floor material determines the number of wax layers

8, use a wax cleaner to evenly spread the liquid wax on the ground

9, combined with wax drag and drag. To be dried, the last time the wax is to be wiped and the wipe is combined

10, anti-static floor waxing to make the surface bright, the formation of protective film to achieve dust, anti-static effect, after the completion of the above procedures, can not trample within half an hour.

Home pvc floor waxing steps:

1. Cleaning: Mix the dewaxing water and clean water into solvent, and evenly spray the liquid and brush through the nozzle at the bottom of the machine to achieve a clean effect, so that the floor after cleaning is clean and tidy;

2. Absorbing water: Clean the sewage on the ground with a water suction device;

3. Waxing: Wax liquid wax is evenly dragged onto the floor with a wax mop to make the floor bright and tidy, and maintain a good state of use for a long period of time.

PVC sports floor waxing matters needing attention:

1, pvc sports floor cleaning can use cleaning fluid, cleaning fluid ratio according to the specification requirements can be, if pvc sports floor pollution is serious, but also less water. Can also choose to use wax water, to wax water and water into a ratio can be. Or put the cleaning liquid into the wax to mix, so that it can effectively remove the PVC sports floor surface stains.

2, when the water can be taken to push the excess water to other unwashed pvc floor soaked, and the remaining water is sucked dry with a suction device, clean.

3. When waxing pvc sports flooring, be sure to wait until the floor is completely dry before proceeding.

4. Pay attention to uniform smearing when waxing, and do not over-thick or over-thin. Use wax mop to drag the liquid wax evenly on the floor to make the floor bright and tidy, and keep it in good condition for a long time. The wax must not enter when it is not dry.

5, pvc sports floor waxing is cyclical, generally once a year. In places with a lot of people, where pollution is serious or easy to pollute, it is recommended that it be carried out once every 3-6 months. This will better protect the pvc floor and make the pvc floor cleaner and shiny.

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