Contradiction and unity of classical mahogany furniture patterns

Nowadays, for mahogany furniture, there are people who have learned and cultivated love; fashion white-collar family pets; business giants love... In short, mahogany furniture firmly grasps people's attention with its exquisite, heavy and tonal uniformity. If you ask the reason, there are roughly three reasons: in terms of materials, mahogany furniture uses precious wood such as high-quality rare red sandalwood, huanghuali, ebony, and chicken wing wood. It is a non-renewable resource. A tree must grow for at least a few hundred years, or even millennium. In terms of appearance, it attaches importance to the expression of Chinese traditional culture on the ritual system. In terms of connotation, its solemnity contains a strong oriental culture. A well-chosen material, beautifully carved mahogany products, it is not only a piece of furniture, but a handicraft, becoming a status symbol. Therefore, since the Ming Dynasty, mahogany furniture has been popular in all ages.

China is a famous "state of etiquette", advocating dignified behavior, and this culture and aesthetics are reflected in the construction and production of Chinese furniture in mahogany. The configuration of Chinese classical furniture is mostly based on straight lines. Give people a sense of calmness.

In terms of form and pattern, classical mahogany furniture is both contradictory and unified, and its shape is steady and solid. The pattern is quite natural and lively, exquisite and vivid in material selection and engraving. As for the Jinyu Mantang series furniture that can be seen on the market recently, in terms of design, the fine carving pattern reconciles the heavy feeling of the furniture, which makes the whole line of tough furniture add a little feminine, from the spirit In terms of connotation, the furniture motif has a vitality theme, depicting vivid and delicate techniques, and has become a kind of emotional distribution under the rules and rituals, expressing wonderful and lively changes in a stable and stable shape.

A set of top grade mahogany furniture, which not only has sophisticated materials, exquisite carvings, superior workmanship, each piece of furniture has dozens of unique processes. More importantly, it has a charm, connotation, culture, and temperament. It is the inheritance and continuation of ancient Chinese culture. It is the concept of modern urban people's anti-return to the true nature, and it is also the pursuit of modern people's taste for life.

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