Excessive toys for preschool children can impair cognitive development

Most parents have a common understanding, and they can't lose children because of what they lose. Therefore, as long as they are eaten, used, and played by children, they must be the best, and they must be more good. "A lot of" will be "good"? Not eating, not playing.

A study of preschool education programs in the United States has shown that giving children too many toys or inappropriate toys can jeopardize their cognitive abilities because they are overwhelmed by so many toys and cannot concentrate on playing one. Pieces. Not only that, but Kay Kelva, a professor of educational psychology at the University of Oxford in the UK, also pointed out that children with fewer toys, because parents spend more time reading, singing and playing with them, they It is better than those of the same age who have superior homes and toys.

In this conclusion, Cheng Huai, director of the China Family Education Association and director of the Happiness Spring Child Development Research Center, also agreed. He said that if there are too many toys, it will irritate the children to be overwhelmed. They can only be like a bear and a stick. They will throw one, throw one, play the same, throw the same, and they will not play anything. They have been in a simple juggling stage. .

In fact, the role of toys is mainly to assist and promote the physical and psychological development of children. It is not in quantity, but in whether it is suitable. The so-called fit, one is to adapt to this age group, and the second is to promote the child's normal development at this stage. For example, a child of about 1 year old is learning to go. At this time, you need a dragging duck toy, which can make a sound, stimulate the child to be excited, and help to exercise their walking ability.

Generally speaking, at some stage, two or three suitable toys are enough. If there are many toys, they will be sorted out of other categories. When the children really get tired of the toys at hand, there is no sense of freshness, and then a few new ones.

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