Characteristics of wood raw materials commonly used in solid wood flooring

I often go into the floor market, and I am talking about the floor of the business. What kind of wood is my floor? Consumers will be completely dyed by the merchants. It is good to buy the favorite floor, but if it is deceived by the appearance, it will not be worth the loss. So consumers must understand something about wood material selection. Here are a few of the commonly used solid wood materials. Through their true colors and advantages and disadvantages, you may find a solid wood floor that suits you.

Maple: The material has a moderate weight, a fine structure and a smooth cutting surface. The advantage is that it is easy to process and has good gluing properties. The disadvantage is warpage during drying.

Black walnut: a kind of precious wood, the wood grain is beautiful and elegant, the black is purple, elegant and noble. Due to the heavy hue, it is required to have high transparency after the film is formed into a film. The wood grain is relatively deep, and the transparent primer is required to have good filling property and strong sealing property. The panel is processed with stains or fading in the plywood, which fades over time.

Rosewood: The material is hard, heavy and has a clear texture, but the color is light, the structure is medium, and the cutting surface is smooth. The advantages are corrosion resistance, good finishing and gluing. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to dry.

Birch: The material is slightly hard, the structure is fine, and the strength is large. The advantage lies in the processability and the good adhesion of the coating.

Elm: Hard material, straight texture, fine structure, wear and luster. The utility model has the advantages that the drying is not easy to be deformed, and the processing and coating are better.

Qu Liu: The material is slightly hard, the pattern is beautiful, and the structure is thick. The advantages are easy processing, high toughness and good gluing.

Pine: Korean pine. Light and soft, moderate strength, good drying, water and corrosion resistance. The advantages are processing, finishing, and coloring. White pine. The material is soft, flexible, fine and uniform in structure, good in drying, water and corrosion resistant. The advantages are processing, finishing, and coloring. Compared with Korean pine, white pine has high strength.

Elm: The material pattern is beautiful and the structure is thick. The advantage is that the processability and the coating glue are good. The disadvantage is poor drying and easy cracking and warping.

Elm: The material is slightly soft and soft, the structure is slightly thin, and there is silky luster. The advantage is that it is not easy to crack, and the processing, painting and coloring are good.

Elm: Hard material, thick structure and high strength. The advantages are coloring, good coating and easy drying. The disadvantages are difficulty in processing, poor gluing and easy cracking.

Elm: The material is moderate in weight, fine in structure and aroma. The utility model has the advantages that the drying is not easy to be deformed, and the processing and coating are better.

Willow: The material is moderate and the structure is slightly thicker. The advantages are easy processing, good bonding and finishing properties. The disadvantage is a slight cracking and warping when dry.

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