Six highlights of the secrets of home in 2009

It is also a smart practice to love your family and to learn some skills and shortcuts. Therefore, in order to encourage and praise the people who love the family, we specially asked the masters of the home circle to ask for their home secrets. Here, we will contribute and share with you and love the family.

1 What are the good maintenance and cleaning methods for solid wood homes?

If the solid wood furniture is stained with oil, the residual tea is an excellent cleaning agent. After wiping, spray a small amount of corn flour for wiping, and finally wipe the corn flour. Corn flour absorbs all the dirt adsorbed on the furniture surface, making the paint surface smooth and bright. If the surface of solid wood furniture is white wood lacquer, it will easily turn yellow in a long time. You can wipe it with a rag and toothpaste, taking care not to use too much force. You can also mix the two egg yolks and apply them with a soft brush to the yellow area. After drying, carefully wipe them off with a soft cloth. In addition, care should be taken to avoid direct sunlight for direct sunlight during use.

2 How to judge the pros and cons of wallpaper? What should I pay attention to when decorating the wall with wallpaper?

The pros and cons of wallpaper can be judged visually by visual, tactile and olfactory. Firstly, the smoothness of the surface and the uniformity of the color are observed. Whether it is thin or even is uniform, and whether it smells or not. When purchasing wallpapers, the same wallpaper should be purchased in one lump sum. If purchased in batches, the color difference between batches is easy to occur. After the wallpaper is attached, the doors and windows should be closed for 2~3 days to make the wallpaper dry naturally. If it is in a humid environment, doors and windows should be opened during the day to prevent moisture from attacking. The wallpaper has a certain scrub resistance, so if it is stained, it can be wiped gently with soap or other cleaning agent. Wallpapers with embossed patterns can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner every 2 to 3 months. Do not hit or rub the wall with hard objects such as the back of the chair or the table to avoid damaging the wallpaper. If a small area of ​​damage is found, it can be remedied with a similar color of paint or paint.

3 What issues should I pay attention to before designing the decoration?

Design is not only a simple style problem, but the most important thing is to make your life easier. The arrangement and placement of everything is suitable for your living habits. We can first make a simple drawing of the division and use of the space, and communicate with the designer to tell them your needs. For example, if there are children, it is necessary to consider safety issues in some details, furniture to reduce the appearance of hard corners, knives are not convenient for children to get, the safety of power switches, etc.; if there are older people, and older When people can't stand for a long time while taking a bath, they should consider the problem of the seat. If it is not convenient, it is better to have a handrail next to the toilet. Only by considering more of these details of life, you will feel that this home is very convenient and very warm. And if you consider the issues thoughtful, you can also reduce the cost of renovation, less regrets.

4 Chinese style furnishings are very popular in recent years, but how to decorate the home is both Chinese and fashionable?

The large pieces of furniture in the living room must be chosen in the right style, such as sofas and coffee tables, dining tables and dining chairs. Chinese and modern furniture can be interspersed, but must be unified with color. In the details of the living room, Chinese elements can be used to embellish, such as Chinese flower windows. In addition, it is important to understand your living habits, and you must not blindly follow the trend, including the designer's opinions and selective listening.

5 How to judge whether the product is imported purely?

There must be German in the products imported from Germany. If only English is definitely not made in Germany; the size of the imported bed in the United States is relatively large. The inner diameter of the single bed is 1.53 meters × 2.03 meters, the double bed is 1.53 meters × 2.03 meters, the bed frame and There must be a lot of gap between the mattresses. If it is not, it is definitely not a pure imported product. In addition, to buy imported furniture, you must carefully check the customs declaration, tax payment receipt.

6 What are the tips for saving money in building materials?

Tuen Mun, shop around, don't rush to place an order. Generally speaking, the same product, the north of the building materials city is higher than the price of the south of the city, the remote building materials city is cheaper than the building materials city in the prime location, the difference is that the building materials city in the prime location has more new products and more fashionable products. Tuen Mun II, the festival is concentrated to buy. If time permits, it is best to wait until May 1st, 11th and other big festival building materials city promotion activities to buy more cost-effective. Tuen Mun III, waiting for the sample to sell. Taking sanitary ware as an example, the sample does not degrade the quality due to the display, so it is suitable to take the method of purchasing samples. Due to the decoration of the store, the replacement of new products, etc., some dealers need to quickly dispose of the on-site samples, they will be shot at a very low price, this time is quite cost-effective, but you have to visit the building materials city from the first half of the renovation.

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