Owners prefer to choose personalized car perfume bottle

Today's car perfume bottles are no longer as simple as they were in the past; the scent is no longer just fruits such as lemons and apples, or scented flowers and herbs. The shape of the car perfume bottle has long changed its face, and the fragrance has more choices. And what kind of car perfume is chosen, there is a mystery in it!

At present, the market has a car perfume bottle carved from jade. The base made of crystal is used to hold perfume. The Chinese cabbage, kylin and zodiac carved from jade are the main body, accompanied by gold-plated trim. The sculptural crystal-based perfume bottle is favored by the middle-and-high-end car owners. Placing it in the car can not only make the car's air fresh, but also reflect the owner's taste. In addition, lovely cartoon perfume bottles are also popular. These perfume bottles usually have bright colors and make the car full of warmth.

However, these popular perfume bottles are usually more expensive, ranging from about 300-500 yuan. When choosing a perfume bottle, the owner should pay attention to the overall style of the car interior. The shape of the perfume bottle is best matched to the dashboard of the vehicle, otherwise it will appear too abrupt.

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