Wine marketing should use brains on the bottle

A few days ago, Mr. Wei attended a wedding with a friend after 80s. The bottle on the table drew everyone's attention - there was only a pair of new couple's wedding photos, the back of the bottle was the name and age of the newlyweds, and the wedding. Time, wedding venue. After the wedding was over, many friends and relatives took empty bottles and took them for a souvenir.

A pair of new people who produced personalized wedding drinks told reporters that the wedding drinks they chose were loaded with bulk wine, bought from wineries, and guaranteed quality and money. There is no label on the bottle that was bought, just when you took your wedding photo, 20 small wedding photos were affixed, and it was appropriate to stick on the bottle. There were 10 tables and two bottles of alcohol at each table, and it cost less than a thousand dollars.

In order to adapt to the creativity of the newcomers, some wedding companies are also looking for new selling points in the wedding and hi smoke. The firing of ceramic bottles is very popular. Drop it. Compared with personalized wedding drinks, it is much simpler to create creative ideas on cigarette packs. Sticking the photos directly to the cigarette box will make the original trademark more stringent.

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