How to identify rosewood furniture

Red rosewood, Beanaceae, Dalbergia. Because the new cut surface has the characteristic aroma of sour wood, it is called the acid branch. Started to import wood from Nanyang (Southeast Asia) to replace it. At that time, it was called “purple”. Because of its sour aroma, Guangdong called it “sour branch”. Because the color is mostly jujube red, it is called more north of the Yangtze River. "Redwood" or "Old Redwood" is the current red rosewood. In the Qing dynasty, Jiang Yan, "The Cars of the Boats", "The sables come from the sea, like red sandalwood, no crab claws. The scent is like a vinegar, so a 'sour branch'." Red rosewood wood only It is superior to chicken wings and rosewood in sandalwood rosewood. At present, there are still some old red rosewood furniture in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, which are concentrated in the coastal areas of Shanghai, Suzhou, Tianjin, Fujian and Guangdong.

Because of its unique weight, hardness, wood grain and color, rosewood furniture is easier to distinguish from other wooden furniture. As long as the expert tells you that this is a rosewood furniture, it may be a sour branch; it is difficult How to identify new and old rosewood furniture. It is necessary to distinguish between new and old rosewood furniture to know the origin of the rosewood..

1. Look at the ornamentation and engraving.

In the ancient times of China, from the Ming Dynasty to the Republic of China, hardwood furniture has a wide variety of decorations, and the content is all-encompassing. The experienced expert can indeed judge the age from the carvings. However, it is not easy for beginners to master the shackles in such a large number of patterns for a short period of time, but it is only because of the fog in the clouds. Moreover, the imitation of imitation goods is getting more and more fine, and some computer engravings are enough to make the chaos become more and more difficult. Here, the author provides a simple method, although it can not accurately break the generation, but can accurately judge the new and old furniture ----- new and old carvings: mahogany with medical wine cleaning can generally seep out red, such as old furniture Time is long, the wood is aging and the surface is covered with pulp. If you rub it with alcohol once or twice, you can't wipe the color; if it is new furniture or old furniture, add the engraving, just use the alcohol cotton ball to gently light on the new knife edge or the new saw. A red rub will immediately ooze out, and the old and new furniture can be judged. Moreover, the new engravings are generally sharp and sharp, with sharp edges and corners. The old engravers are generally round and old, and the feel and sight are very soft..

2. Look at the traces of use.

Due to the long-term use and natural weathering of old furniture, the surface always leaves a unique mark, such as natural damage, scratches, and changes in wood color. The new mahogany furniture no matter how old it is, the wood still looks stiff, the wear marks are unnatural, and there is no old familiar feeling of old furniture. The patina is even more incomprehensible: the patina of the old furniture is round and smooth; the patina of the new furniture is polished by dyeing, or the patina is not obvious, or the patina is hard, it always looks plausible. a feeling of. The old furniture of the legs and feet is natural and the ageing erosion has become obsolete; and whether the artificial old is buried in the soil or corroded with chemicals, it gives a feeling that the good wood suddenly rots ------that is The whole leg of the wood is very strong and tough, and the foot suddenly has a waste.

3, look at the bottom of the furniture

This is very important, and it is the best way to judge the new and old furniture. No matter how unscrupulous traders are dyed and worn, they can't escape this level: it is best to develop a good habit when purchasing antique furniture, that is, look at the bottom first. Turn over the objects or drill them under the table and look at them with strong light flashlights. In addition to the signs of natural aging, such as tea traces, weathered potholes, natural cracks, etc., there is also an important point--- - The bottom of the old furniture is generally not modified; the wood at the bottom is neither dyed or polished, giving a very casual, very rough feel. The bottom straps are generally made of less trimmed trim and are hand sawed. The bottom and the belt of the new furniture are very neat and tidy (because they are all driven by electric saws). The materials used (including the belts) are core materials and good materials, and must be painted and artificially dyed.

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