Woodworking Machinery Professional Vocabulary in English and Chinese (1)

One painting

Slot type screwdriver
One-point perspective

Two paintings

Two-in-one adhesive epoxy resin adhesive
Epoxy glue
Two-dimensional; two-dimensional
Binary binary
The second screw taps the second tap
Two-way switch
Decimal; metric metric
Wood-based panel man-made board
Ergonomics; human engineering
Human size
Anthropometrics; anthropometrics
Blade blade
Blade blade
Tool tool
Tool slide carriage
Tool post tool post
Tool holder tool rest
Tool holder base
Knife holder; bed saddle apron
Knife seat saddle; slide seat saddle
Force triangle
Parallelogram of force
Force polygon; polygon mechanics
Force resolution
Lacquer lacquer
Couple couple
Law of moment
Force-distance graph force-distance graph
Force diagram
Line of force
Force point
Cross halving joint
Phillip's head screw
Phillip's type screwdriver
T-square; T-foot tee square

Three paintings

Three-jaw chuck three-jaw chuck
Triangle ruler set square
Triangulation tie
Triangular file
Three-dimensional; three-dimensional three-dimensional
Cyanamide; melamine melamine
Three-point perspective
Paint on painting
Glazed enamelling
Fan Lishui varnish
Fork top fork centre
Mask mask
Shili; shellac shellac
Large core splint; wide core sandwich panel; solid corestock-laminated board
Mass production of mass production
Section planer; slot planer; side planer rebate plane
Small flat planer
Small wire bender
Small bender mini bender
Miniature circuit breaker (MCB)
Pinion pinion
Hawthorn San Cheong
I beam I beam
Working surface
Work drawing
Tool storage
Tool slot well
Tool steel
Workshop workshop
Workshop safety
Engineering word writing technique
Engineering system
Engineering drawing engineering drawing
Industrial alcohol; methylated spirit
Bow-shaped hand drill; hand crank drill brace
Bow-shaped hand drill bit brice bit
Bow saw bow saw; hacksaw
Bow saw hacksaw blade
Bow sawing machine hacksawing machine

Four paintings

Unbalanced imbalance
Iron-free metal; non-ferrous metal
No through hole; closed hole; blind hole
Lapped dovetail joint
Asymmetric asymmetry
Stainless steel
Unstable equilibrium
Center centre
Center line
Center punch
Center drill
Center drill bit
Central processing unit (CPU)
Neutral neutral
Neutral equilibrium
Neutral axis
Medium density fibre board (MDF)
Medium cut
Medium carbon steel
Midline neutral wire
Complementary metal oxide semiconductors (CMOS)
Intermittent iron ring mandrel
Dielectric constant
Metastable; metastable metastable
Internal force
Inner caliper inside calipers
Internal energy
Intensive properties
Internal round chisel scribing gouge
Interlocking fitting
Internal combustion engine
Internal thread manufacturing method tapping
Inner thread
Concave edge
Hexagonal metal branch hexagonal bar
Hex key Allen key
Hexagonal head screw
Metric; decimal metric
Tolerance tolerance
Redundant member
Component force
Molecular molecule
Molecular force
Slitting; splitting; cutting off parting off
Decibel decibel
Analytical analysis
Analytical and critical studies
Analyzer analyzer
Shunt shunt
Interface; interface; interface
Centimeter micrometer
Rule divider
Split tool holder parting tool holder
Voltage divider
Isolation switch isolating switch
Cutting tool
Cutting fluid
Depth of depth
Tangential sawing
Cutting roll pattern; rolling knurling
Cut off; cut off; parting off
Cutting tool parting tool
Hook; hook hook
Hook knife; film? knife plastic cutter
Glue tensol
Reverse biased
Inverting amplifier
Inverter inverter
Reflection reflection
Back electromotive back emf
Feedback; feedback
Take water; thinner thinner
Ladder gear
Natural timber
Natural drying method
Porosity porosity
Dimension dimension
Dimension line
Ruler blade
Gravitational force
Heart-shaped cam heart-shaped cam
Mandrel mandrel
Heart pin
Hand tool
Hand saw junior hacksaw
Hand paring
Hand held vice
Handle handle
Gloves gloves
Hand sweeping brushing lacquer
Hand truck barrow
Portable vertical saw portable jigsaw
Portable power tool
Portable electric drill
Hand feed hand feed
Hand crank drill; bow hand drill brace
Hand drill
Hand file
Hand saw
Hand cone bradawl
Hand rolling machine
Pivot fulcrum; pivot
Text text
Direction direction
Direction needle
Square bar
Square waveform
Square wave generator squarer
Square dental plate
Checkered paper
方通square tube
Block diagram
Square file
Square head drill bit square shank bit
Square nut square nut
Square chisel; straight chisel firmer chisel
Wood wood
Woodworking woodwork
Woodwork area
Woodworking workbench woodworker's bench
Wood turning lathe; woodworking lathe
Carpenter pencil carpenter's pencil
Woodworking planer thicknessing and planning machine
Wood screw
Wood turning wood turning
Wood turning tools
Wood chipboard; flower board chipboard
Wooden strip joint
Wooden round head 槌doming mallet
Wood mold
Wood line wood strip
Wood glue powder ureaformal dehyde resin glue
Hibiscus rasp
Wood screw
Hibiscus mallet
Thrust bearing
Thrust washer
Proportional proportional
Scale scale
Proportional constant
Proportional limit
Comparator comparator
Specific heat capacity
Horizontal projection plane
Level level
Water leakage; leakage leakage breaker (ELCB)
Crystal glue; polyester resin
Crystal casting
Water carbide paper
Fire fork firing fork
Fire water; kerosene kerosene
Fire ox; transformer transformer
Flint wheel grinder
Spark erosion method
Fire alcohol; industrial alcohol methylated spirit
Fire tongs
Live wire
Fire brick fire brick
Claw clutch; claw clutch; dog clutch
Dental plate
Dental wrench; wire holder wrench holder (stock)
Drum nut
Kraft gum; animal glue
Butter paper tracing paper
Newton's laws of motion
Canine clutch; claw buckle; dog clutch dog clutch

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