German LEMO Launches Bag Changing Machine

German bag making equipment supplier LEMO recently introduced the new CAPmat-SLider bag making machine. The bag machine is equipped with an easy-to-use interface and a dedicated conversion module that allows packers and processors to reduce downtime by up to 25% when switching between standard side weld bags and other bags. This bag making machine can produce various kinds of packaging bags, and as a new technology, it is particularly suitable for applications such as bread, frozen foods, snacks, and pet foods.

In addition to a dedicated replacement module, the CAPmat-SLider bag-making machine facilitates the quick and easy production of various types of bags on a single machine, as well as efficient electrical components and a fully computerized user interface. The digital processing system can input related process data and store it, simply press the menu to select, and it can realize repetitive production, thus simplifying the production process. In addition, the aircraft also uses a built-in modem to facilitate remote access by technicians.

Reprinted from: China Packaging Industry

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