Antique Manifestations in Packaging Design

The traditional packaging design that currently embodies the characteristics of the Chinese nation is entering a mature period. Its main symbol is that in the past 20 years, the design of China's traditional style packaging has gone from its imitative learning to Japanese traditional style packaging. With its strong traditional cultural heritage organically integrated with the essence of modern foreign culture, it has created a design style that can fully reflect Chinese traditional characteristics, but also a sense of the times but different from the traditional Japanese style. In the recent 10 years, many Chinese traditional style packaging designs designed by our country's outstanding designers have emerged in the “Asia Star” and “Star of the World” packaging design competition, winning the highest honors and silver awards. . As for packaging design in the country at all levels of packaging design awards won the traditional style of packaging design is more like springing up, too numerous to mention.

In traditional style packaging design, the use of antique techniques to design is an effective creative ideas. Antique techniques can be comprehensively considered and selected from materials, structures, shapes, calligraphy, pattern patterns, and colors. The history of the Chinese nation’s great civilization has provided the packaging design workers with inexhaustible creative ideas, regardless of the face and quantity involved in Chinese traditional culture, or its heritage. , are unparalleled extensive and profound.

One of the main functions of traditional style packaging is to communicate information from the visual image to the consumer about the characteristics of the time and place of the package object (ie, the product). Therefore, when we use antique techniques to design traditional style packaging, we must choose traditional cultural elements. However, in the design, the use of antique techniques cannot simply be the simple and straightforward use of certain ancient and folk designs. That is, we cannot consider the tradition from the perspective of a specific form, but ignore the overall artistic conception of the design itself. . In other words, is the use of specific forms appropriate? Can it embody the artistic conception of the product and is it patient? The overall mood of the so-called traditional style packaging design, the author believes that the following aspects should be considered:

Accuracy of time and space information

There are countless traditional products and native products in China. The times and regions they produce are not the same. Therefore, before we design a package for a traditional product or a special product, we should use local records or archeological achievements as much as possible to understand and verify the product's various aspects. To prepare for the selection of traditional cultural elements that are characteristic of the era, region or ethnicity for the product. If you randomly or blindly choose traditional cultural elements, it is easy to produce consumers, especially those who have some understanding of traditional Chinese culture, to convey information about incorrect time, space, and geographical information, so that the overall design can not afford to be careful. Scrutiny and loss of the ideal mood.

Accuracy of Selection of Packaging Materials in Traditional Native Product Design

The packaging materials of traditional native products are generally natural materials that can be obtained in large quantities on the spot. These natural materials can be applied simply by simpler processing or simply without any processing. Due to geographical differences, geographical conditions and climates in different parts of the country, as well as nature's properties are not the same. Therefore, different nature products can also give people the ability to convey geographical information. When designing, we should try to consider the natural packaging materials that should be produced in a large quantity in the place where the packaging object is produced, so that it can more accurately convey the product's geographical information. Otherwise it will also affect the overall mood of packaging design.

Should be as close as possible to the product has a close organic relationship

The stronger the organic connection between the selected traditional cultural elements and the products, the more accurate the information conveyed to the consumers about the products, the faster the information is transmitted, and the more natural the feeling for the consumers. Otherwise, it will give people his feelings in regards to this, and even the wrong message will be conveyed.

Try to choose traditional cultural elements with strong aesthetic

Formal beauty is one of the main contents of any art. Therefore, it is self-evident that traditional cultural elements with a strong sense of form can also enhance the artistic conception and taste of packaging design. Therefore, we should also collect information about the design. The information is seriously chosen.

Traditional packaging should also have a modern feel

The era we are currently in has entered the era of highly-developed microelectronics and high-capacity information technology. Especially since China implemented the reform and opening-up policy, the advanced culture of many countries in the world has been continuously introduced into China for our own use. The integration of the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation and the gradual formation of the cultural situation in this new period of our country are the necessity of history and the needs of the times. The ideology of seeking new ideas and seeking beauty is common to all people. Only in accordance with the beats of the times and innovations, the traditional style of packaging design will have vitality and new artistic conception, so that it can be accepted by contemporary people.

Improve the quality of the designers themselves

There are two sentences in the painting industry. One is "Kung Fu is out of the picture," and the other is "It is necessary to have both pictorial products and human products." The idea is to have an artistic conception for their own paintings, which can only be achieved if the author himself has a higher level of literary, artistic, and moral quality. This is also important for packaging designers. Therefore, packaging design work should not only have a more solid basic knowledge and professional knowledge in design, but should also strengthen learning in literature, art, aesthetics, archeology, religion, science and technology and political ideology and morality, and be widely read, and improve its own Literacy allows one to have a deeper artistic conception in his designs.

In short, the packaging of traditional Chinese style as a whole is itself an integral part of modern culture. Therefore, while protecting products and selling products, it also enables consumers to learn and learn many history, culture and art, folk customs, and science and technology knowledge through packaging. From this point of view, the traditional style of packaging design is more reasonable, appropriate, and accurate in its use of antique techniques. It is even more necessary and has better social and cultural significance.

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