ZXJD440A medium speed plain binding line FAQ explanation

Quality control is nothing more than two aspects: one is the digitization and standardization of each process; the other is the management of process design and work flow. The former requires that all processes implement standardized operations, and the latter is the operational requirements for the formulation of work processes and processes. This shows that in addition to having a unified process management, it also requires everyone to do their utmost and each person responsible. 80% of quality accidents in production practice are caused by the lack of operational responsibility of the operators. 20% is caused by process reasons and materials. To make 80% of the accidents disappear in the bud, we must understand the technical requirements, and we must not stop at the same level of knowledge and strive for excellence. Now take the ZXJD440A medium-speed plain binding gum as an example to talk about personal issues in the production process.

1 Faults in glue-binding production 1) The height of the book in the endorsement of the circular endorsement and the signature of the booklet é—¯ Qitai are too low. The signature of the book should be controlled at 11 to 12mm, and the position of the tray should be improved. èµ· The slicing knife is too high. The position of the slotted cutterhead should be reduced. The depth of the signature groove is controlled within 1.0mm.
2) The temperature of the oblique backing glue is too high. When the book is dropped, the back of the book is not solidified and falls off. The glue temperature should be adjusted according to the paper and seasonal changes. Generally, the temperature is controlled between 160 and 180°C. If the speed is too fast, the curing time should be short. Glue, and reduce the speed; book clip opening is too large, should be transferred to the signature thickness plus 15mm, and should also narrow the book aisle, block bar.
3) The order of the book and the cut-out part should not be rectangular. The parallelism and verticality of the tray and the book holder should be adjusted so that the back of the book is exactly the same.
4) The cover is sticky. There is wild glue on the top roller, stick to the cover of the book, and the bottom plate of the forming mechanism is viscous. The clamping plates on both sides are glued and sealed. The seal should be removed frequently. Therefore, the excess glue should be removed frequently and methyl silicone oil should be used. To prevent the development of wild glue; the glue on the back rubber wheel takes too long to produce wild glue, and the glue application time should be fine-tuned. Try not to produce wild glue and minimize gum temperature.
5) book cover fold or misplaced book clip in the book position is too high, should increase the position of the tray; from the slot knife is too high should reduce the cutter head position; glue temperature is too low should increase the glue temperature; glue stick left glue , should adjust the rubber squeegee scraper plate gap to zero, and check the heat pipe inside the glue stick working conditions; binding speed is too fast, speed should be reduced and extended drying time before cutting.
6) If the booklet is too high or the book position is too low in the book clamp, the position of the solid board shall be reduced; if the cutting knife is too low, the position of the cutter head shall be raised; the clamping force on the side of the bracket shall be too high , The amount of side clamp plate should be adjusted outwardly.
7) Bubbles or honeycomb film book clips are high in book position and the tray is too low. The position of the tray must be raised. The temperature of the backing glue is too low or the temperature of the glue stick is too low. After the measurement, the temperature is increased.
8) Book back crack or over-squeeze book book is low, the position of the tray should be reduced; the upper drum pressure is too large, it should ensure that the distance between the upper drum and the bottom surface of the book clip body is 9mm, on the rubber wheel 1 If there is too much glue, the gap between the rubber wheel 1 and the scraper should be adjusted to 0.2-0.5mm; the rubber wheel 1 is too high and the pressure is too high. It should ensure that the rubber wheel is in contact with the back of the book and can open the back of the book. A small amount of glue penetrates into the pages of the book.
9) In front of the book, the edge of the cutter must be opened or turned to passivation. The edge of the cutter should be sharpened and the viscose should be removed. It is best not to use this machine to process the rework. The adjustment of the cutter must be readjusted if the backing cutter is not properly adjusted.
10) Insufficient depth of back-sliced ​​milling backs; improper groove depth and improper groove pitch, should be about 1.0mm deep, with spacing between 5~10mm; hot melt temperature too low, lack of fluidity and permeability , Bonding is not strong, should be based on the paper to improve the glue temperature; improper selection of hot melt glue, should choose the same weight with the paper weight hot melt adhesive, high preservation of the value of the coated paper, should try to avoid using hot melt adhesive Process binding, or using the first line after the sizing method to prevent the distribution.
12) The middle part of the back of the book is not flat. The drop is too large when it falls, and a groove is made in the small board. The glue temperature is too high and the book is not evenly thick and thin when it is glued; the groove is not clean, the paper hair is not removed, and the back The glue cannot be flat; the milling and backing knife is not sharp, the angle of the cutting edge is not correct, or the gap between the cutting edge and the plate is too large, which causes the milling back to be not smooth and is not even after gluing; the position of the solid plate is too low. Coping solution.
13) Wide book backing slot knife support plate is not aligned with the large plane of the book clip body; the upper seal roller is too high and the pressure on the back of the book is too high; the back rubber on the rubber wheel 1 is too high to allow the glue to penetrate between the pages; the book block is loose Untightened; milling back is not smooth, rough. Coping solution.
14) The spacing between the wedge-shaped squeegee and the bottom surface of the book clip body is too small, and the position of the sizing wheel 1 should be reduced.
15) Adhesive film non-uniform side glue and bottom adhesive device are not adjusted well in height and inside position; improper adjustment of clearance between glue wheel and scraper plate, even glue stick and scraper plate, should be readjusted; glue stick and book block Distance is not allowed, the glue stick is not heated well, and the glue stick is not parallel to the back of the book. Coping solution.
16) Wedge rubber glue stick is not parallel to the bottom surface of the book clip body; the bottom plate of the tablet is not parallel to the bottom plane of the book clip. Should be readjusted.
17) There is too little glue in the gap adhesive device of the adhesive layer, and the amount of adhesive should be ensured; when the temperature of the adhesive is too low, the adhesive temperature should be controlled.
18) Calligraphy Book Cover Positioning Offset Book Cover The conveyor guide chain is not aligned. Each pair of pullouts shall be parallel and perpendicular to the side rule. The upper seal roller shall be slightly lower, the cover and the back of the book shall be unmatched and the cover shall be reset. .
19) The cover is not bonded fast enough, the glue is open for a long time, the hot melt adhesive matching the machine speed should be used; a small amount of cover off the defective book is not cleared; the back of the book is empty, improper adjustment of the real-time organization, real The pressure is too small and should be increased; the adhesive layer is too thin and the bonding is not strong. The adhesive and the side adhesive layer should be thickened.
2 Cutting problem 1) Inconsistent between upper and lower linkages The knife should be aligned with the cutting line so that the two books are basically the same.
2) The skew line between the two push blocks in the process of skewing the left and right skewers is not perpendicular to the middle knife or the skew of the track is too narrow; the pressure on both sides of the present pressure plate is inconsistent or too light; the cutting is continued or the raw edges are serious; The blade is sharpened.
3 Three-sided cutting problem 1) After the cutting, the large and small blades on the finished book are blunt, which makes the size of the door knife inconsistent; the delivery trolley is not perpendicular to the working platform and the pressure of the paper press is light; the cutting height exceeds the design height, causing The pressure of the paper press is large, the pull-cut force is increased, the paper is bent and deformed greatly; the side blade is too narrow or the upper side of the back is knocked when the sharpening knife is sharpened, and the knife edge and the cutting surface should be at a certain angle. Coping solution.
2) There is an angle between the left and right corners of the book delivery car and the doorknife is not parallel, the incision is generated; the gap between the books and the aisle of the book delivery is improper, the over-tight transport resistance is large, and the looseness and looseness are too unstable; the side cutters have different sizes before and after measuring on the knife holder. , should replace the knife case or calibration knife holder; the brush is not in place and the book block is not flush, push the book is not stable.
3) The book should be broken to ensure that the glue layer is between 0.8 and 1.2mm, the plastic tray is level and the package is empty; the cover paper is poor or the paper is not in the correct direction; the book block is too short or not Tight; milling back is not smooth, making the rubber back loose, increasing the thickness of the book back. Slots are not smooth, fast, and the side glue is too thick; the jacking plate is not used properly, it is not pressed on the cutter head of the sky or the ground, and tearing occurs; the stapled book is slanted back; the blade is not fast and the corner angle is too small. Scoop up the glue on the blade and wax or talc; use a guillotine machine with a broaching knife.
4) The guillotine blade is usually about 0.5mm into the cutting blade, and should always be replaced by high-quality knife blades.
5) The knife blade is broken, with a chipped or chipped edge.
6) When the size of the doorknife is large and small, it will be loose when the adjustment gauge screws cannot be locked, and the rollers will be worn and improperly adjusted in the track of the trolley. The needle bearing of the swing arm of the swing arm of the trolley will be worn out and damaged. Causes the trolley to swing when it's large and small.

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