New plastic cap technology for PET hot filling and aseptic filling

The sealing methods of PET bottles mainly include two caps made of PP material shell and liner, and two kinds of HDPE material monolithic caps. The traditional hot filling process usually uses two caps and crystallized bottle mouths, but recently there has been a trend to use non-crystallized bottle mouths and single-piece caps, and monolithic caps can also be gradually used to crystallize bottle mouths. Under high temperature conditions, the double sealed design of Ballygai achieves a high degree of tightness. The outer bottle mouth can maintain airtightness in the pressure zone and the plastic material will not be deformed. The use of double sealing technology in hot-fill single-piece covers can effectively prevent the deformation of the bottle mouth and reduce the cover weight, bottle weight and total package cost. The traditional two-piece cover does not have a vandal-proof function, releases the seal before the bridge breaks, and the BERICAP double seal cap is effective to prevent damage and release the seal before the safety ring bridge breaks.

Reprinted from: Packaging Machinery

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