Why can't color ink be blended with color ink?

This is the defect of the "nature" of pigments. All substances have their own "subtractive method", that is, the "selection and absorption" of the color theory. What kind of color light it absorbs is what light is subtracted from white light and reflected. What emerges is the color we have seen.

Pigment is the color substance of people when they carry out color engineering - color quality. There are plants, minerals, synthetic substances, etc., which are soluble in dyes. The dyes can be divided into organic solvents such as water, oil, alcohol, and other organic solvents. Insoluble pigments are pigments; the color quality also adapts to different color applications. The needs, with different properties, such as the color quality of the production of stained glass, ceramics can not be fired color, printing paper ink can not be used to print plastics; chromatographic quality but also complete, screen printing ink regardless of water or solvent type Chromatograms are complete. There are several reasons why there is no achromatic ink in the original colors.

Reprinted from: China Washing & Dyeing Industry Information Center

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