Breyer film extrusion line for high-precision optical film production

For the film used in the optical field, the processing company hopes that the higher the flatness of the double-sided transparent film, the better and the thinner the thickness, the better. However, in the production of films having a thickness of less than one millimeter, most of the extrusion lines and associated pressure (or polishing) machines tend to have a variety of problems.

Due to the bending deformation of the pressure roller, there is a problem that the thickness deviation is too large, resulting in the inability to produce a thin high-precision finished product. Breyer succeeded in breaking through these limitations by using proprietary calendering technology and extrusion die design. Now, the company's thin-film system can produce thin-film products with a thickness of 90 to 1000 micrometers while ensuring high accuracy. For example, thickness accuracy of ±2 μm can be achieved when producing films with a thickness and width of 150 μm and 1300 mm, respectively.

Breyer extrusion technology opens up new applications for users, especially in the field of optical films such as monitors, displays, and optical data carriers.

For optical applications, this thickness of calendered film can be used to replace cast film products. In addition, the advantages of double-sided calendered film include: high length accuracy, double-sided pressure (shaving) smooth, beautiful appearance.

A particularly breakthrough development: Breyer's newly developed extrusion line can produce thin film products with a thickness of 75 μm and a thickness deviation of less than 2 μm, a high-quality film with a width of 900 mm, and this high quality film has been realized. Mass production.

Reprinted from: Adsale Industrial Network

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